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  • Help your peers by referring jobs to them
  • Earn substantial cash rewards when your peers get jobs
  • Help your network of peers and be rewarded for doing so

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How It Works

Step One

Company creates job description and assigns a referral bounty

Step Two

Referrers receive alerts for jobs in their peer network

Step Three

Referrer refers the job to their peers

Step Four

Peers apply through Ureferjobs

Step Five

Company hires referred peer

Step Six

Referrer receives bounty

Our Vision

"A world where finding talent is effortless"

We live in a world that’s connected in ways we couldn’t have imagined 20 years ago – and yet, recruitment is just as inefficient now as it was in the 90’s.

In today's connected times, an organisation should be able to ask the world "Can you introduce me to the right talent?" and obtain quality results in a quick, cost-effective way.

This is what Ureferjobs is here to achieve.


Our Team

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Mahesh Muralidhar

Chief Executive Officer

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Matti Alakangas

Chief Financial Officer

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Shirren Premaratne

Chief Technical Officer

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Christopher Manouvrier


Frequently Asked Questions By Referrers

How do I claim my money when a referral leads to a hire?

You will be contacted within 5 working days of us being notified that your referral has been hired. Payment will then be paid electronically into your nominated account. If you have any questions you can contact us on admin@ureferjobs.com.

What if I want to apply for a job myself?

Sure - go for it! There are no cash rewards for referring yourself, but you could end up with a dream career instead!

What if someone else has also referred a particular role to the same friend - do I still get my cash reward?

When a referred candidate applies, only one referrer can be activated. Therefore the first person to reach the candidate is likely to get the cash reward!

Do I have to give back the cash reward if my peer leaves the job?

No you do not. Once you have earned a cash reward – it is all yours.

When do I receive rewards that I have earned?

You will receive the cash reward within 21 days of placement.

What if I want to refer a job to more than one friend?

Absolutely, please go ahead. The more quality referrals the better!

Can I refer on a job that my peer has sent through to me?

Of course you can!

How do I keep track of all the referrals I have made?

All your actions are captured and recorded on your personal dashboard.

This all sounds great – how do I get cracking on earning some cash and finding jobs for my friends?

Just go ahead and register to make some excellent cash rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions By Companies

How do we ensure we get the best candidates?

Allocate the right networks for your jobs: If you are posting a Technology job that requires an understanding of the Health sector – then it is important that you tag the job with both the “Healthcare and Medical” and “Information & Communication Technology” networks. The job is then sent to referrers in those networks. This ensures that referrers who know people suitable for your job are aware of the vacancy.

Give feedback to applicants as they come through; this ensures applicants and referrers are kept engaged: The quality of candidates you receive is defined by how engaged the referrers are to your jobs. To keep referrers engaged – all you need to do is ensure you provide timely feedback to candidates. When you provide feedback to candidates, through the Ureferjobs platform, referrers will be kept in the loop on how their referrals are progressing.

What information should we include in our company profile?

Include a short summary of the company’s key activities, work culture, and benefits of working on the organisation. This is your chance to promote your company to applicants!

How does the referral success fee payment work?

When you allocate the referral success fee, 50% is identified as the referral bounty and will go to the successful referrer. 50% goes to Ureferjobs.

Is there a minimum referral success fee?

There is. The minimum referral success fee is $2000. This ensures referrers are fully incentivised to refer jobs to their peers.

We have found someone through Ureferjobs whom we'd like to employ; now what?

Identify in the feedback area, that the candidate has been hired.

Is the referral success fee the only cost?

Yes, and it’s on a success basis only.

How does Ureferjobs guarantee the quality of candidates?

All applications for your job come to us first. We will manually check all CVs and only forward on the ones we believe are a good fit, for the role and your business. This doesn’t mean all the CVs we send you will be an exact fit, but it does mean that we will remove anyone who are clearly not right for the job – this is done through looking at your job description, matching up experience and checking the CV is right. We are well placed to do this as we have many years of recruitment experience.

Can we use Ureferjobs as our internal referral program?

Great idea. We will be releasing this feature shortly. Please give Mahesh a call on 0402490005 to discuss this further.

Can I list a job confidentially, without revealing the company name?

Yes you can. We do, strongly suggest that you include the company name – it is more attractive to applicants and referrers.

How do I post a job?

Register on the website. Once you have registered, click “Posting a New Job” and you will be able to post a job.

Is my job posted straightaway?

Your job will go live within 3 hours. Ureferjobs reviews all new jobs before they go live.

Can we change a job description once it has gone live?

Yes. Simply go to your job posting once logged in and you will be able to edit the details.

How much should we set as the referral success fee?

We advise allocating 5%-7% of the annual salary as the referral success fee. This is substantially less than what you would pay a recruiter. And you only pay on success.

Cash rewards provide referrers an incentive to share your jobs with their peers. The more you offer, the greater their motivation for referring the job.

What if we hire the applicant for another role?

The introduction by Ureferjobs is valid for one year – regardless of role that the candidate comes into. This is standard industry practice.

What happens if the candidate doesn’t work out?

If a successful applicant is terminated within 90 calendar days of their start date of employment other than for the following reasons;

  1. The successful applicant has been retrenched or made redundant;
  2. The location of the position has been changed;
  3. A significant change has occurred in the job description; or
  4. The successful applicant has been subject to workplace bullying or harassment

we will utilise monies paid to Ureferjobs to readvertise for the role or another role at no extra cost. We will also work extra hard to make sure your next sourced candidate stays on through.

Does Ureferjobs guarantee to fill the job?

Getting the right fit between an individual and a firm is notoriously difficult. While we can't guarantee it, using Ureferjobs, you’ll reach a broader range of qualified candidates and you only pay if you hire. It is also very important to us that you have a tremendous customer experience when you engage with Ureferjobs.

Can people apply directly for a job even if they have not been referred?


What are your payment terms?

Please notify us within 2 business days of an applicant being hired through Ureferjobs. Please email sales@ureferjobs.com on this. We will also be notified through the system.

As per standard practice an employer is required to pay Ureferjobs within 14 days of receiving an invoice.

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